Social Shout Outs - Converting Your Employees into Brand Ambassadors

When building a buzz, the more people you can involve, the more successful your campaign will be. In that kind of push, your employees make perfect partners. Their familiarity with the company gives them the background necessary to become ideal brand ambassadors. You just need to unlock their potential.

Employee advocacy is an extremely effective way to spread your brand. In fact, the stats on the effectiveness of this strategy can be eye-popping. For instance, a study conducted by MSL showed that the practice could help brand messages spread more than five times further (561% to be exact).

Of course, getting the full value of these efforts involves having the right program in place. Here are a few steps you can take to make your employees into brand ambassadors:

Create a Clear Vision

Your employees should have a central set of ideas to work off of. Before sending them into the world as brand ambassadors, take some time to define your brand. You want to be able to describe a clear vision of what your company stands for and provide a transparent strategy for disseminating your message.

Educate Your Employees 

Maintaining a brand requires that everyone deliver the same message. As such, don’t just send your workers out into the world to post whatever they think is appropriate. Instead, outline your strategy and detail your goals.

When adopting an employee advocacy strategy, create a formal program for preparing your workers. Develop an in-depth training course for employees who want to participate. This effort will ensure you and your team are on the same page.

Develop Engaging Content 

Don’t rely on your workers to create their own content. Instead, see them as distributors of your brand information. There’s a catch here, though: you need to make sure the content you ask them to share is smart and engaging. 

Think of it from their point of view. Your employees don’t want to clog their social media streams with embarrassing or cringe-worthy content. To avoid this, invest in the content they will be proud to post.

Elicit Ideas from Everyone 

You need everyone to deliver the same message. But that doesn’t mean you should close off two-way communication. As important as it is to explain your branding goals, you also need to listen to your newly-minted brand ambassadors. They can provide excellent ideas about both your message and the methods for delivering it. 

Offer Incentives 

Your workers might volunteer to spread the word about your brand. If you have a team-centered culture, this is almost certainly the case. However, a little extra motivation never hurts.

Offer incentives to encourage employee engagement. Set goals and offer rewards for reaching them. Turn the process into a friendly contest, letting the competition fuel innovation and involvement.

Start recruiting ideal additions to your team.

Your employees represent an excellent way to amplify your brand. Of course, the better your employees, the better brand ambassadors they will be. By teaming with a top-flight recruiting partner, like Qualified Staffing, you can find the perfect workers to represent your company.

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