5 Key Ways to Help Prevent Employee Burnout

Stress at work can build up quickly, especially during ever-changing landscape of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Even if you manage an amazing corporate culture and genuinely care about your employees’ mental health, you can never completely avoid the anxiety that comes from operating in the modern marketplace. Your goal should be to manage the situation and avoid the worst possible outcome. In other words, you need to create policies that will avoid burnout.

It’s one thing for an employee to feel some stress. It’s quite another for them to descend into a total burnout situation. These extreme events don’t just take a toll on your employees (both physically and mentally). They also cut into productivity and undermine team spirit. 

For those reasons, you should take whatever reasonable steps you can to avoid the worst-case scenario. Here are five ways you can help your staff avoid burnout, even those working remotely:

Create Manageable Goals

The best way to avoid burnout is to minimize the conditions that cause it. Of course, you can’t eliminate all sources of stress. However, you can create policies and devise schedules that make it less likely. 

To this end, set manageable goals. Create a sustainable workload that your employees can maintain over the long haul.

Recognize Signs of Burnout 

Your top performers will likely try to hide their stress from you. After all, they are trying to impress you. No matter how much support you give, they will likely perceive asking for help as a potential hindrance to their career advancement.

Because of this dynamic, it is up to you to recognize when an employee has reached their breaking point. Stay vigilant for these potential signs of burnout:

  • Declining performance
  • Lack of concentration
  • Emotional instability
  • Chronic health problems (headaches, nagging colds, etc.)

If you see these symptoms of extreme stress, take steps to alleviate the situation. You might be able to head off a potential burnout.

Involve Everyone in the Solution 

Burnout is everyone’s problem. The obvious other side of that coin: everyone should be involved in the solution. Talking about the issue can help. The simple act of creating a dialogue can mitigate its effects of stress.

This works because employees often feel additional stress when events are out of their control. By including your team in scheduling and planning decisions, you can reduce the anxiety involved. Over time, this reduces the threat of burnout.

Don’t Be Afraid of Days Off

Short-sighted managers often attempt to reduce vacation and sick days. Their goal is to keep everyone at work, in an attempt to boost day-to-day output. 

However, in the long run, vacation days can provide a productivity boost. They allow your employees to blow off steam and recharge their batteries. You reduce the threat of burnout and potentially increase long-term efficiency. 

As such, don’t be afraid of granting days off. You should encourage your workers to take breaks during slow patches. These occasional rest days can pay big dividends down the line.

Provide an Example 

Any policy decision you make for your team should apply to you as well. If you want them to enjoy additional vacation days, take the occasional mental health break yourself. If you want them to be upfront in recognizing stress, you should follow that advice as well.

The key here is to remain a positive example. Do what’s necessary to avoid burnout in yourself, and remain cool and calm in the face of stressful situations. Your staff will likely follow your lead.

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